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Familotel Das Kaltschmid in Seefeld, Österreich
for the whole family
Spaß beim Rafting
Gorge trailing
in Tyrol

Adventure holiday in Tyrol

Canyoning and Rafting - conquer the forces of nature

Canyoning in Seefeld - Urlaub im Familhotel Das Kaltschmid

Torrential rivers, unexpected currents, cascades, climbing, roping and overcoming obstacles. Speed by the breathtaking Alpine scenery during a rafting or canyoning tour and challenge very nature itself. It’s sure an adventure for the whole family.

Canyoning requires teamwork…

…and sporty ambition. On our gorge trailing tours obstacles and terrains of different kinds are thrown your way. You will have to slide, climb, swim and abseil  – a little help sometimes is more than welcome. Together with your friends or family you can climb down rocks, slither through caves and jump in crystal clear water.
Kids from age 7 are allowed in our tours. Naturally you won’t be alone – a conyoning guide is by your side and leads you through the terrain. You will be protected by a harness, helmet, wetsuit and hiking shoes aas well. Those who manage to conquer the rough terrain are rewarded with barbecue sausages and marshmellows at the end.
Canyoning tours are offered from May to mid September in Ötz in Tirol, only a 35min drive from our Ferienhotel. The tour lasts approximately 5 hours.

Rafting in the land of rivers

Land of rivers is another name for Tyrol, which is why rafting is so popular here. Back in the days travelling on a river by raft was very dangerous. Today it has become a popular recreational sport and the sturdy rubber boats are fit to transport children as well.

A rafting tour will give you and your family or friends the chance to explore the river Inn and its tributaries. There are easier passages for kids, experienced rafters can try out harsher waters as well and challenge themselves. In any case you will be provided an experienced guide on board who will brief you on the security instructions before you can quench your thirst for adrenalin.

We recommend the following tours and are happy to find the best solution for you individually when you arrive:

Rafting tour kids …

offers safe, wet fun for kids starting at age 7: a calm part of the river which provides a couple of little challenges.

Rafting tour gorge of Imst …

is perfect for rafters who want to widen their experience and find new challenges. A combination of beautiful scenery and some real level 3 white water experience

Rafting tour Ötztaler Ache …

guaranteed adrenalin even for the Pros. Those who want to try this tour need experience and strenght to arrive at their destination.


All rafting tours are within 45min driving distance from Seefeld.

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A great hotel to relax and enjoy

Martina | |

Friendly service, beautiful swimming pool

Miriam | |

A great hotel in the city center great dinner menu

Volker | |

Recommended for all hikers

Peter | |

Great family and dog friendly hotel!

Danièle | |

Clean, friendly, nice food, helpful

Doris & Sepp | |

A nice hotel for a city trip

Corine | |

We feel great in Seefeld in Tyrol!

Lothar | |

Holiday and relaxation! A great hotel!

Jakob & Hanny | |


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