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Familotel Das Kaltschmid in Seefeld, Österreich

Hiking with children

Explore Tyrolean nature

familienausflug wandern

Green meadows, high mountains and fresh air. Explore raw nature with your family. We have a few tips for you.


Choosing the right hiking route

While choosing a rout for you and your kids you have to keep many things in mind. First, listen to your kids and their wishes. The tour must not be too long. Now you can start the adventure. Discover a fortress, visit animals and plants and make your hiking tour interesting for your kids. Visit waterfalls, lakes and rivers and let kids play during your breaks.

Take enough to eat and drink with you.

Hiking with children: safety and equipment

Enough food and drinks, flashlight, a map and a compass. Solid shoes and clothes are very important too. A first aid kit should be in your backpack.

Hiking tips

From the Wild lake promenade Seefeld to the fallow deer enclosure

A great tour for the whole family! Our hotel is the ideal starting point for this tour. The tour takes you along the Lake promenade, through a forest to the high moor (monument of nature since 1926). The tour takes approx. 1 to 2 hours.


Guest Testimonials

What guests say about us

A great hotel to relax and enjoy

Martina | |

Friendly service, beautiful swimming pool

Miriam | |

A great hotel in the city center great dinner menu

Volker | |

Recommended for all hikers

Peter | |

Great family and dog friendly hotel!

Danièle | |

Clean, friendly, nice food, helpful

Doris & Sepp | |

A nice hotel for a city trip

Corine | |

We feel great in Seefeld in Tyrol!

Lothar | |

Holiday and relaxation! A great hotel!

Jakob & Hanny | |


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