Indoor fun at the
Familotel Tyrol

Spending time comfortably with family & friends

Away from the winter slopes and summer hiking trails, we also have a hobby room at “Das Kaltschmid”. Perfect for sociable hours with a tasty drink and a few snacks. Many a hidden table tennis talent has already been discovered within these four walls.

Table tennis

Always the ball firmly in sight

Quick reaction, the right technique, nimble footwork, great skill and an incomparable feel for the ball: all this is necessary in table tennis. Admittedly: Purely recreational and hobby athletes don’t have to play it quite as professionally, but now you at least know that you also have this option with us.

Perfect for an evening in convivial company with a tasty drink and a few snacks: table tennis. If you fancy a few quick rallies, you can swing the little bat in our hobby room and show how fast you can play the little white ball into the opponent’s field.


Hot battles for honour

Between young and old, between big and small or between man and woman, hot battles are fought at the table tennis table. The enthusiastic competitors have often held tournaments that lasted an entire evening. It was less about precision and technique and more about fun and entertaining pastimes. Table tennis is a very sociable sport.

And when do you play table tennis?

Always. Whether the weather is bad or you simply don’t feel like skiing, hiking or wellness. Table tennis is the perfect alternative if you want to spend your time comfortably and with friends.

You can get a bat and ball at the reception. By the way, the winners are those who have the most fun playing.



Aim the ball into the pocket

Billiards is all about precision and technical and tactical know-how. It’s also a lot of fun.

Aim – hit – and in! Billiards in our Britannia Pub with a tasty beer or a cocktail in convivial company. Here you can show how unerring your eye is.