Canyoning in Tyrol - the holiday experience

Through raging rivers down into the valley

Do you fancy a real adventure? Do you want to experience the rugged nature, hike over gorges, slide down waterfalls and fight against the current? Deep in the gorges of the Tyrolean mountains you follow the course of the river through the beautiful alpine nature while canyoning. Are you ready for this challenge?


Is canyoning suitable for a family outing?

Definitely! Children from the age of 7 can join the adventure tour through the gorges of the Tyrolean Alps. A canonying guide leads you safely through the terrain. Always secured by climbing harness, helmet, neoprene suit and mountain boots, nothing can happen to you and your kids. Beforehand, of course, the guides explain to you what you need to pay attention to for your safety. And when you have mastered your first canyoning tour after half a day, you can look forward to sausages and marshmallows at the barbecue. You can go canyoning in Tyrol from May to mid-September, the duration of a family tour is about 5 hours. Just bring a swimming costume, a towel and the desire for adventure.

What you will experience while canyoning

Canyoning means as much as gorge walking. Through rough terrain you sometimes have to slide, swim, climb, jump or abseil to get to your destination.

Down small and large waterfalls, down rock faces, through grottos and over crystal-clear water, the path does require a bit of courage. Swimming experience is a prerequisite, by the way. We offer canyoning in Ötz in Tyrol, about 35 minutes by car from our “Das Kaltschmid”.