Rafting on a summer holiday in Seefeld

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Rushing rivers, unexpected rapids, waterfalls, climbing, abseiling and overcoming obstacles. Rush past the beautiful alpine nature while rafting and hold your own against it at the same time. An adventure for the whole family.


Rafting in the Land of Rivers

This is also what Tyrol is called, which is why rafting is particularly popular here. Translated, rafting means travelling down a river on a raft, which was not without danger in those days because of the white water in the mountains. Today, however, rafting is a safe and popular leisure sport. You can therefore also take your children along in the very stable inflatable boat.

With friends or family, you can explore the Inn and its tributaries on a rafting tour. There are easy sections for children, while passionate rafters can face the forces of nature in challenging white water. Of course, an experienced guide is always on board to give you a safety briefing before the promised adrenaline kick.

We recommend the following tours:

  • Rafting Tour Kids: offers wet and safe fun for children from 7 years: a calmer section with a few small challenges.
  • Rafting Tour “Imster Schlucht”: is perfect for rafters who want to expand their experience and gain new ones: beautiful scenery paired with a real level 3 whitewater experience.: ist perfekt für die Rafter, die Ihre Erfahrungen erweitern und neue sammeln wollen: herrliche Landschaft, gepaart mit einem echten Wildwassererlebnis der Stufe 3.
  • Rafting tour “Ötztaler Ache”: promises an adrenaline kick even for professionals. You should definitely bring experience with you here, because you need strength to get to your destination.
  • As the choice is very diverse and cover a wide range of demands.

From Seefeld, all rafting tours can be reached by car within 45 minutes!