Barefoot Hiking in Tyrol

Feel nature up close
Enjoy nature and experience it in a completely new and extraordinary way: Barefoot hiking at 1,200 metres, the hiking trail runs near the mountain station of the Kranzberg chairlift, only 20 minutes by car from "Das Kaltschmid" - a dreamlike area!

Barefoot hiking

Directly connected with nature

Dig your toes deep into the grass beneath your feet! Experience the fresh feeling of slightly damp forest soil! Perceive forests and meadows in a whole new, exciting way at 24 stations. Walk along the pine cone path, conquer the wobbly beams, run across the wooden pavement and walk along the Kneipp stream – with all your senses. A great experience at temperatures between 15 and 30° Celsius.


What equipment do you need for a barefoot hike?

Let’s start with what you don’t need: Your shoes. Just stow them in your backpack. Outerwear appropriate for the weather is important. Your trousers should be a little shorter, as you will also be walking through water. We also recommend that you take the precaution of bringing plasters, tweezers and disinfectant as well as a small snack for a break in the open air.


Do something good for your health with barefoot hiking

Barefoot walking trains the muscles in the foot, and regular barefoot walking even prevents splay and flat feet. In addition, walking promotes blood circulation and the cold under the soles of the feet activates the Kneippe effect. Furthermore, walking barefoot prevents blood congestion in the legs and is recommended, among other things, for venous disorders. The release of endorphins makes you feel more balanced and active.