Hiking with children

How to find the right hiking route

To find the right route for you and your children, you need to consider a few things. First of all, you should listen to your children’s ideas and wishes. In addition, the route should not be too long, because younger children in particular cannot walk long distances. Once this has been clarified, you can go on a journey of discovery with your kids. Offer your children variety! Explore a castle or a palace together or teach them about flora and fauna. Nature trails are particularly suitable for this, as are waterfalls, lakes, rivers and animal enclosures. When choosing rest areas, make sure that children also like to play and romp around during breaks. That’s why it should be in a safe environment. And last but not least: Take enough liquid with you.

Our hiking suggestion

From the Seefeld wild lake promenade to the dam deer enclosure

A great hiking trail for the whole family is the path along the Wildsee promenade to the Damm deer enclosure. Our “Das Kaltschmid” offers the perfect starting point for this. The hike leads along the lake promenade, past the Kneipp facility through a forest with lots of birds, ducks and squirrels on to the high moor, which has been a nature reserve since 1926. If you continue walking, you will come to the dam deer enclosure after just under a kilometre. The walk takes about one to two hours and the route is three to four kilometres long. On the way back, there is an opportunity to take a break at the playground on the other side of the lake.

Safety and equipment

Enough provisions, torches and possibly hiking maps or a compass should not be missing from your rucksack. Equip your children well too. Sturdy shoes and functional outdoor clothing are very important. Plasters, bandages, small scissors, ointment, tweezers and elastic bandages as well as sun and rain protection should also be packed.

Have you now got the urge for a hiking holiday with your kids and are still looking for a suitable offer? Then simply contact us. We have suitable holiday packages for you.